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Mediation is an informal process whereby a neutral third person helps to resolve a dispute between the two parties. The neutral third person is called a mediator. Any Family Law matter may be referred to mediation. This process takes place out of court and is neutral and non-adversarial which allows the parties to resolve their conflicts without the Judge's intervention.

Everything that is shared during mediation, with a few exceptions, is confidential and inadmissible in court. In some instances, if abuse or criminal activity has been raised, the confidentiality rule does not apply. For the most part, however, mediation is a valuable tool in helping to minimize conflict and attorney's fees for each party.

The law firm of Marsh Family Law has a Supreme Court Family Law Mediator with over 31 years of experience in Marital and Family Law. Whether you are looking for a Mediator or need an attorney to represent you in your mediated Family Law case, talk to your attorney at our law firm to learn more about the mediation process.

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