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Proposed Senate and House Bills Seek to Abolish Permanent Alimony and Mandate Equal Time Sharing (50/50 Custody)

Senate Bill 718 (2013) is winding its way through the Florida House and Senate. Most recently, the Bill passed by a vote of 12-2 in the Senate Rules Committee. This Bill will now go to the Senate Floor for a Final Vote as early as this week.

This bills seeks to do many things, most importantly to completely abolish permanent alimony, limit alimony to 50% of the duration of the marriage, and mandate 50/50 time-sharing of the minor children. These are significant changes to the current law and will greatly affect a majority of parties who have permanent alimony orders and those parties contesting time-sharing (custody) after the effective date of the bill.

The full text of Senate Bill 718 (2013) can be found here.

Talk to your attorney at Marsh Family Law to see if these proposed changes affect you and your children.


This is really unbelievable that such a Bill could gain traction so quickly.
Useful information, thanks.

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